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How House Prices May Change In 2020

Now that we’re past some of the uncertainty, there are higher hopes for the property market in the UK in 2020. Rightmove are predicting that the average house price will increase 2% throughout 2020, with the largest rises being in the North. Why may house prices increase? The majority government Read More ->

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Housing Market

Queen’s Speech Mentions Housing Issues

On Thursday the 19th of December, the Queen made a speech at the State Opening of Parliament. She covered many issues such as internet safety, the Living Wage, the National Insurance threshold, and she didn’t miss out housing. Which housing issues were brought up? Now aged 93, the Queen stated Read More ->

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Will Inheritance Tax Get The Axe?

In this blog we cover what inheritance tax is, where it applies, and how you may be able to reduce its impact if it applies to you. What is Inheritance Tax? Inheritance tax can be applied when estate is transferred after the owner has passed away. The standard rate is Read More ->