Investing In Property

Guide to investing in serviced accommodation

Serviced accommodation can be incredibly lucrative for you as a property investor. Here we take a look at what serviced accommodation actually is, different types of serviced accommodation, pros and cons, and how you can start investing in the serviced accommodation market. What is serviced accommodation? Essentially, serviced accommodation comprises Read More ->

Property investors finding their next deal
Investing In Property

How UK investors can follow in the footsteps of Australia’s property market success

The UK’s property market is a complex and dynamic environment shaped by various factors, including economic trends, government policies, and social priorities. The market has seen significant growth and change in recent years, driven by population growth, urbanisation, and changing consumer preferences. Despite this growth, the UK property market faces Read More ->

new build housing estate

Are new-build homes a good investment?

New-build homes can be an excellent investment. Like all property investments, however, it’s important to understand what, exactly, you’re buying. With that in mind, here is a quick guide to investing in new-build homes. The three main categories of home purchases Homes can be sold off-plan, as new builds or Read More ->