Do you work in property? Perhaps you’re an investor, or you’re simply interested? Our aim is to become the largest online property news portal, and we can’t do that by ourselves. We need expert opinions, Q&As and articles from knowledgeable industry leaders to help us become an industry news website that is ahead of the curve.

If that sounds like you, we’d love for you to contribute to Property Press Online.

What Should I Write About?

Anything involving property would be of interest to us, however we have set categories on the site in which you should aim to fit your article within.

  • Housing Market
  • Landlords
  • Regional
  • Brexit
  • Interviews / Q&As
  • Regulation & Governance
  • Auctions
  • New Developments
  • Renting
  • The Budget
  • Guides
  • Investing In Property
  • Buy To Let
  • Property Management
  • Events

Submission Guidelines

Quality is of the up most importance; you don’t become a trustworthy news source if you write about anything and everything. We have a few guidelines for submission which you should take into account when writing a post for Property Press Online, these include:

  1. Pitch a good idea to us, ideally something new and exciting.
  2. The article must be a minimum of 1000 words, if it’s too short we will won’t be able to publish it.
  3. It must be well written, unique and overall high quality. If we’re not happy with it, we reserve the rights to make amends.
  4. This should go without saying, but no profanity.
  5. We request that you provide an author profile, including a picture, bio and social profiles.

It would be great if you could share the article on your social platforms once it has launched!

What’s In It For You?

We include your author bio to help you raise your personal reputation or spread the name of the company you work for. This works two fold, as it lets the user know that it is written by an expert and it also provide a platform for you to shout about your work.


To get started, please submit the following details. Please be aware that we may get quite a few submissions at any given time, so we ask for your patience whilst we work our way through them.

Alternatively, you can also email the team at [email protected].