Norfolk could soon be transformed by thousands of new homes

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Over the next 20 years, the government has said that 1000s of new homes need to be built in Norfolk. The question is, where?

Across the county, councils are creating local plans – drawing up where those houses could go. Local plans are like blueprints, and include hundreds of sites where developments could occur. Councils have started a ‘call for sites’ where site promoters, land owners, and even people who don’t own a site can suggest them for development.

Local plans are not the same as planning permission – just because a site is suggested for development in these plans, it does not mean that the site has planning permission. Some of the suggested sites will be rejected, but the ones that are accepted will be included in the visions for future housing.

The Greater Norwich Local Plan outlining where houses and jobs could be created in Norwich, South Norfolk and Broadland is underway and Officers have until January to complete it. The plan will then be presented to the public who can have their say, such as where the homes should be built.

By 2036, across 3 districts up to 8,900 new homes need to built, as well as the 35,000 already allocated or permitted. There’s been disagreement between the councils on how much development should be in Norwich and how much should be in smaller towns or villages.

Which sites have been suggested for development?


Anglian Square – 1,500 homes

It’s still undecided how the £271 million renovation of Anglia Square will go, but existing buildings could be replaced with new blocks, car parks, a cinema, a hotel and more. A tower reaching 20-storeys is part of the plan, but this caused resistance and is being looked in to as the character of Norwich doesn’t want to be affected.

Deal Ground – over 650 homes

There’s concern about this site as it is by a river which means the flood risks are relatively high.

Mariners Lane – 151 homes

A businessman who owns land at Mariners Lane has suggested it could be developed for 151 flat with basement parking. This land did previously have permission for the flats but it has expired.

Duke Street – 400 homes

A former Eastern Electricity Headquarters currently used as a car park, it’s been suggested for a residential-led mixed use development including retail buildings.



Acle – 9 residential sites

These sites include 204 homes at Beighton Road/Norwich Roar, 150 on Jolly Lane, 145 on South Walsham Road, and up to 125 west of Acle/north of Norwich Road. It’s been noted that if development were to happen in these areas, careful consideration needs to be taken of the high quality agricultural land, flood risks, and impacts on the Broads.

Brundall – 7 residential sites

On land west of Maurecourt Drive, the largest of these sites has been proposed for 387 homes. Others are 250 north of Links Avenue, 200-250 homes on land north of Postwich Lane and west of Holmesdale Road, and 192 homes plus a supermarket built at Yarmouth Road and Berryfields.


South Norfolk

Bracon Ash – over 2,000 homes

A new garden village settlement has been suggested on 364 hectares of land west of Hethel. After the initial 2,000 homes, it could also have another 3,160 on top. There has been lots of opposition to this site due to it being a green field site impacting the grade 2 listed Stanfield Hall.


There are many other suggested sites in Norwich, Broadland and South Norfolk. Take a look at Eastern Daily Press’ article for more.



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I began writing for Property Press Online in October 2019. Particular areas of interest are housing market news and new developments in the market.

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I began writing for Property Press Online in October 2019. Particular areas of interest are housing market news and new developments in the market.

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