Why Ipswich may be a place to watch

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You may not have thought of Ipswich as being an area to keep an eye on, but new data reveals that it could be the latest upcoming area.

Situated an hour and 15 minutes train ride away from the centre of London, the Suffolk town could be one for commuters.

The Place to be?

The town has all sorts to show for itself. In the centre, the town holds a lot of history. With some of the buildings dating back to the 15th century.

Less than a mile away sits the waterfront district. This area is upcoming with new marina apartments and a brand new University of Suffolk campus.

If your budget for a property is £300,000, you would be able to purchase a 3 or 4 bedroom house or a swanky marina apartment. If your budget is slightly lower at £200,000 you could probably stretch to a spacious two bedroom flat.

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Is it commutable?

When looking at the town on a map of England, it looks too far away to even consider; however this isn’t the case. Commuters from Ipswich can access trains that go into the centre of London (Liverpool Street) every 30 minutes. With the longest train journey being around an hour and thirty minutes and the shortest ride being an hour and fifteen minutes.

Although, if you are considering costs, an annual season ticket from Ipswich to London could set you back £6,944.


What are the schools like?

In the last year or so, Ipswich schools have been highly rated. In the Ipswich areas of Chantry and Maidenhall sit two Oftsed ‘Outstanding primary schools; St Mark’s Catholic Primary School and The Oaks Primary School.


Why should you watch the town?

The estate agent Savills, has forecasts for housing within the East of England. According to Savills, the East of England will out perform within the next few years; they expect the areas housing prices to increase by 11% by 2024.

They also believe that houses within a walking distance to the train station will do best due to the commuting aspect.


What are the benefits of moving to Ipswich?

Along with it being a reasonable commute to London and Ipswich having ‘outstanding’ schools, there are other benefits to the town.

For those into art, the town is very much so reliant on the art industry. According to the Evening Standard, artists come to the town due to the big skies.

As well as three museums the town is home to a contemporary dance company and it’s own theatre. Each year, the town hosts its own art and jazz festivals within the Summer which attract both residents and people further afield.

Within the area, there are also very good sporting facilities. For those who play, there is a Olympic-class Gymnastics centre, indoor tennis courts and a high standard swimming club. If you prefer to watch sporting matches instead, the town has its own EFL Football Club and Rugby.

What are the drawbacks to the town?

Unfortunately, even though there are so many positives, some positives can be hard to gain when moving to the town. For example, it can be hard for some parents to end up in the correct catchment areas. Even though many of the schools are high performing, Ofsted came across nine worryingly bad schools. With sixty schools in the area, it can be hard to work out before hand which school your child may end up attending.


Jess Mitchell

I started writing for PPO back in August 2019. I particularly enjoy writing about new housing developments and upcoming property events.

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I started writing for PPO back in August 2019. I particularly enjoy writing about new housing developments and upcoming property events.

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