How to save money but keep your property warm this winter

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According to Ofgem, in May 2019, the average cost for heating a property was £1,254 a year. This amounts to around 5% of the average UK household budget.

After Christmas, it is natural to keep a keen eye your cash flow and identify how you can save ready for the year ahead. In a new report from Boiler Plan, they have revealed that to keep your bill modest whilst keeping you warm, 18-20 degrees is the perfect temperature.

As everyone knows, the winter season brings dark nights and even colder evenings; this has been known to create a spike in energy bills. Property Reporter believe that the UK population usually see up to a 20% increase on their utility bills.

Altogether, these figures can seem intimidating when it comes to keeping your property warm this winter; However, we have got some useful tips to bring the price of your heating bill down this year.

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Energy Efficient Appliances

If you haven’t already, why not consider changing some of your appliances. Replacing old and outdated appliances can help you to save pennies.

Appliances such as a fridge or even as small as your kettle can affect your bill at the end of the month. These items may not be as efficient as you need them to be.

When you do decide to change to more energy-efficient products, your electricity bill will be cut. This therefore will result in your energy bills being cheaper in both the short and long term.


You may have considered this before, but insulation is one of the best methods to keeping your home warm. Insulating your home will help keep heat within the property and therefore prolong any effects of heating your house.

There are a few ways that homeowners can insulate their homes. It can be done by having thermally insulated foundations and lofts, and having well sealed doors and windows. By having all this insulation in place, this can decrease an energy bill by 25-50%. So, it is definitely worth considering.

Changing Light Bulbs

Going through your property and changing all your light bulbs from halogen to LED can help to reduce your bill. LED and energy-saving bulbs have a naturally longer lifespan and can help you to not burn a hole on your pocket.

When initially paying for the bulbs, it can be expensive, but the long term effects are worth the investment. Property Reporter believe that households can save at least £35 a year by changing all their light bulbs.

Turning Down The Thermostat

Another tip (that some may not like) is to turn down the thermostat. You are in control of the temperature of your property, the higher the heat, the bigger the utility bill at the end of the month. Energy Saving Trust believe that by turning down your thermostat by one degree can save homeowners up to £85 per year.

Smart Controls

In the news over the last few year, smart meters have started to become more popular. Installing a smart meter or a smart thermostat can benefit your property’s bills.

A smart meter allows a homeowner to track the amount of electricity they are using in real time and limit the amount of waste.

Whereas a smart thermostat lets homeowners turn their heating on and off remotely. This can be done without the need of pre-setting time on your boiler, which therefore reduces wate and keeps costs down.

Jess Mitchell

I started writing for PPO back in August 2019. I particularly enjoy writing about new housing developments and upcoming property events.

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I started writing for PPO back in August 2019. I particularly enjoy writing about new housing developments and upcoming property events.

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