Where Do People Most Want To Buy Homes Right Now?

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GetAgent.co.uk, a comparison site for estate agents, has researched buyer activity in 100 of the biggest towns and cities across the UK.

Across these 100 places, the average demand for property from buyers is 41%, which is 1% lower than the previous quarter, but no different year on year.

London is lower than the average demand, at 35%. This is an increase of 2% from the previous quarter, and up 4% year on year.

Where people most want to buy

In Scotland, Falkirk takes top place in buyer demand at 61%. However, not far behind it are Bristol (59%) and Sale (58%).

Other Scottish cities which are in demand are Glasgow and Edinburgh, both sitting at 57%. Next comes Woking and Dartford at 56%, then Sheffield, Exeter, and Cambridge at 55%, 54%, and 52% respectively.

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What about London?

If we take a granular look at the big capital of England, the most popular borough in demand by home buyers is the same as previously; Bexley at 59%. Waltham Forest (57%), Havering (49%), Sutton (49%), and Bromley (46%) are all peripheral boroughs which are ranking well for house demand.

Homes in other London boroughs are also wanted; Redbridge, Kingston, Barking and Dagenham, Lewisham, and Hillingdon.

Which UK areas have seen the largest changes?


If we look at quarterly data first, the biggest increase in demand was between 4.7% and 6.8% in Woking, Cambridge and Bournemouth.

For London, it’s City of London, Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea which sit at the top of increasing home ownership demand.


At the top of the list again is Woking, which has seen an annual increase of 14% in demand for homes. Next to Woking is Exeter and Bristol.

Over the past year, people in London are increasingly wanting to own homes in Waltham Forest, Redbridge and Sutton.

The Founder and CEO of GetAgent.co.uk, Colby Short, has said:

“Nationally, we sit pretty much where we were a year ago where current levels of buyer demand are concerned and while festive seasonality has a part to play, it may also take a little while longer before December’s election boost in buyer sentiment becomes apparent at a top-level.

“However, the UK property market is extremely diverse and it’s clear that some areas have already jumped the gun with notable uplifts in buyer demand levels both year on year and in the last quarter alone, with many pockets also enjoying very high levels of current buyer demand despite wider market conditions.

“The more affordable boroughs around London’s peripheries continue to be the most popular amongst the capital’s buyers, however, there are signs that prime central London is beginning to fight back with demand on the up at the top end of the market. With early signs of a market revival already this year, we should see buyer demand continue to climb as the months go by and this, in turn, will help to stimulate an otherwise sluggish rate of house price growth.”

Have you seen any large changes in demand for housing in your area? We’d love to know whether you’ve seen an increase and where you’re based! Leave us a comment below.

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I began writing for Property Press Online in October 2019. Particular areas of interest are housing market news and new developments in the market.

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I began writing for Property Press Online in October 2019. Particular areas of interest are housing market news and new developments in the market.

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