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What To Do When A Mortgage Is Declined

When you’re buying a home, you no doubt are hoping for an easy ride. If you’re a first-time buyer, all the new lingo can seem like a minefield and the whole process involves understanding. One of the main stages is getting a mortgage approved, but unfortunately not everyone will get Read More ->

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Housing Market

Which House Number Is Most Valuable?

Here’s something you never thought you had to know before seeing this blog. Which house numbers in the UK are most expensive and which are most popular when it comes to selling? Now you’re dying to know, well read on to find out… The research, an estate agents, carried Read More ->

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Advice & Tips

Monthly Payments On A 150K Mortgage

In this blog, we look at different aspects of mortgages, taking one of £150k as an example. Remember that this isn’t the price of the house, it’s the amount borrowed for a property, the remainder would be paid as a deposit. Monthly repayments on a £150k mortgage You probably know Read More ->