Young Property Entrepreneur Invests In Coronavirus Response

DCH Property Group Shifts Focus In Light Of Covid-19

Daniel Hodge, 28, Founder and CEO of DCH Property Group has shifted his company’s focus in light of COVID-19, to invest in those areas expected to be worst hit by the impending recession.

Founded in July 2019 using profits from Hodge’s previous entrepreneurial ventures, DCH
Property Group (DCH) specialises in the investment, development and management of distressed commercial and residential properties across the UK.

Now due to the impending recession, the company’s focus has shifted to providing support and investment to high-risk areas. As part of this new investment strategy, DCH will pin particular focus on developing affordable housing and residential areas to support local communities.

“Our Company focus has always been to better the communities in which we invest. With
the looming recession set to decimate large areas of the UK – we feel strongly about
doing what we can to support people with reliable housing where possible.” says Daniel.

As part of his initial investment strategy, Hodge plans to invest by combining his personal capital with investments from a select few associates.

Having begun his career in finance at Begbies Traynor, Daniel Hodge moved to set up a
mobile food-ordering app, successfully raising venture capital investments with his two
fellow founders. Shortly after resigning as a company director, but remaining a shareholder in the app, Hodge at the age of 25 started his own e-commerce jewellery business with just £1,000 in the bank. Seeing a gap in the market, Hodge flew to China to set up a supply chain selling high-quality jewellery products to the US and UK markets. With a focus on quality and price point, Hodge turned the company into a 7-figure business within the first two years.

Using the revenue created from the success of his e-commerce brand Believe London, and
sighting property as his long-term goal, Hodge then launched DCH Property Group. Although DCH has only been active just short of a year, Hodge has extensive plans to grow the business and start a UK-based property fund within the next few years.

Daniel adds: “In a short amount of time, we have developed trusted relationships within the UK real estate market that allowed us to identify, analyse, negotiate and finalise deals across the UK. We’ve earned a reputation for swift, top-quality execution and the communities in which we invest appreciate that.”

Within its first year, DCH has grown its portfolio to roughly £2.6m in managed assets with an average ROI of 24.06% and has plans to expand that to £10 million in managed assets by the time Hodge is 30.

Myles is a first class ‘word nerd’ currently working at the heart of the property industry. He’s particularly passionate about all-things property, interiors and D.I.Y.

Be sure to connect with him via LinkedIn.

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Myles is a first class 'word nerd' currently working at the heart of the property industry. He's particularly passionate about all-things property, interiors and D.I.Y. Be sure to connect with him via LinkedIn.

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