How To Improve A Rental Property Without Breaking The Lease!

Is doing Home improvements to a rental really worth it?

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home improvements rental property

Turning a house into a home through personal touches is one of the most exciting parts of moving. However, as a renter, adding your personal style is subject to the residential lease terms. That said, a little creativity mixed with modern materials allows lessees to create a unique space without leaving a mark – or breaking their lease. Let’s review some of these innovative and renter-friendly improvement solutions below.

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5 Easy & Damage-Free Ways How To Improve A Rental Property

When it comes to dressing up a rental, the materials you choose are key. After all, some of these design decisions can serve more than one purpose. For example, covering existing surfaces with damage-free options helps protect them from the usual wear and tear rentals face. Thus, potentially helping to protect a tenant’s security deposit. Check out some of these 2021 design tips and tricks below…

Add Some Drama to the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most expensive renovation costs for property owners. In fact, Houzz Trend Reports indicate that the average kitchen renovation budget ranges from £10,001 to £25,000, with around 30% of homeowners spending even more. That means finding a brand-new kitchen in a rental may be easier said than done.

So, spruce things up yourself by adding a removable tile backsplash. Starting at around £12.99 per piece from Wayfair, these come in various colors, patterns, and even stone finishes to suit any décor. They are both easy to apply and easy to remove.

Liven Up Any Dreary Walls

White walls have their place in design, but let’s face it, they can be boring. It is amazing how even a small change like adding a pattern or color to a wall can completely transform the mood of a room. Whether you seek a calming retreat or enough colour to make a Moroccan bazaar look positively dull – removable wallpaper can help!

Using low-tack adhesive, these modern designs are perfect for any DIYer. Unlike real wallpaper, this acts like a big sticker and goes up as easily as it comes down – with no steaming or scraping. Generally, try and look for products that indicate they are “peel and stick” for the best results. Check out online retailers like Amazon for a ton of temporary wallpaper options delivered right to your door.

Pro Tip: Did you know those removable adhesive products are no longer just for walls? Thanks to the wide variety of available finishes, a lessee can cover everything from dated appliances to an unattractive countertop in finishes like stainless steel or granite.

Hop on the Neon Trend

Lighting is vital to setting the mood in any space. While lamps are great, 2021 is the time to break out of the box. Modern LED neon is all the rage and surprisingly affordable compared to its vintage glass counterpart. Nowadays, artists on sites such as Etsy can use LED neon rope to spell out almost any custom design. Thus, creating a one-of-a-kind conversation starter that lights up a room with the renter’s personality – literally.

Create a Resort Oasis

Traveling to those far-off destinations continues to be a bad idea as COVID health and safety concerns continue. However, that does not mean you do not deserve a tranquil staycation. So, whether you crave the warm breeze of the Mediterranean or a ski chalet in the Alps, the use of décor can transport you to exotic locales every day. Check out these suggestions below…

What Bedroom? This is a Luxury Suite! – According to, the average person spends around 33 years asleep or trying to fall asleep. Plus, as the pandemic kept us at home, those minutes have ticked by slower than ever. Regardless, that is a long time to be stuck in a bedroom with no pizazz. However, creating a bedroom that is a true retreat is as simple as changing up the décor. So, invest in a quality mattress along with sumptuous bedding. Also, adding live plants and dimmable lighting goes a long way to soften the space and create an immediate ambiance. Mix this with your removable wallpaper from above and suddenly those 33 years sound more like a dream than a nightmare.

Who Needs a Spa? – Like kitchens, bathroom renovations are quite expensive. However, as a renter, an owner’s unwillingness to renovate does not mean you cannot create a relaxing spa experience with the space you have. So, if your bath is rather basic, consider sprucing it up using decorative peel and stick tiles. Additionally, consider an aromatherapy diffuser for a truly relaxing experience to melt away the stress of the world. Still not enough? Check with the property owner to see if they will allow you to swap out the showerhead for a more luxurious experience. While this generally causes little damage, it is best to ask first.

how to improve a rental property


Embrace the Kitsch

Let’s preface by saying that kitsch is not the same as clutter! That said, now is the time to show off those unique collections, whether it be colourful cookware, object d’art, vintage biscuit tins, or even novelty glassware. Surrounding yourself with the things you love can instantly make any space feel like home. The key here is to keep things orderly and tidy.

Lack of attractive display shelves? Try adding an open bookcase painted the same colour as the walls to add instant character to any room. Floating shelves, especially in kitchens, have been a growing trend over the last several years. While they cause minimal damage, do not attempt to install them yourself without first checking with the landlord.

Protecting the property means protecting your security deposit

Making a leased space your own does not have to break the bank or break your lease. By creatively maximizing décor and modern materials, a house can be a home in no time. To protect your security deposit, it is vital not to damage the premises. Using removable personal touches, renters will have an easier time returning the unit in the condition they found it.

That said, if you want to make any more invasive changes, always refer to the terms of the lease. If you are ever unsure of what may or may not be allowed, reach out to your landlord or property management company and ask permission. Better safe than sorry!


This article was brought to you by Nichole Shahverdi,  the Director of Marketing for Bay Property Management Group. The company, based in Baltimore, Maryland (USA), manage over 4500 units across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. Want to reach out to Nicole? You can find her on LinkedIn.

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