Best Advice From UK Greenhouse Experts

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Given the harsh weather conditions in the UK, a greenhouse is the only way you can protect your plants and vegetables from strong winds, rains, and storms. Of course, the size of the greenhouse you implement will depend on your garden and house type. Those with limited space in their garden always opt for a small greenhouse, whereas those with spacious gardens look for freestanding greenhouses.

Suppose you’re a gardening enthusiast and want to implement a greenhouse in your garden but don’t have enough expert knowledge on how to choose the best one – don’t worry – we have you covered. Read our easy guide with the best advice from UK greenhouse experts on finding the most suitable greenhouse for your garden and house type.

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How to choose a suitable greenhouse for my garden?

First and foremost, you have to decide on the size of your greenhouse. The size will solely depend on your house and garden type. The more space you have in your garden, the bigger the greenhouse can be. Most top-rated retailers offer the three basic sizes of greenhouses. They go as follows:

1. Small greenhouse

Small greenhouses are for those with limited garden space who still want to grow some organic fruit, vegetables, and exotic plants but can live without adding accessories like shelving and benches to their greenhouse. Therefore, there won’t be an option for sitting space, nor will you be able to implement a water source or the best ventilation setting.

However, small-sized greenhouses are just as suitable for growing small amounts of organic fruit and vegetables as larger greenhouses. You will still have the option to provide the healthiest, pest-free, and predator-free food for your family. On top of that, you can always insert some exotic plants into a small greenhouse and give your garden a unique, bourgeois look.

2. Lean-to greenhouse

This type of greenhouse is perfect for houses with semi-spacious gardens. Lean-to greenhouses attach to one wall of your house (usually the one most exposed to the sun) and make the most of your garden space that way. You can add shelving and benches to this type of greenhouse, but there won’t be any room for living.

Therefore, you can go wild with creative shelving ideas, set aside a potting space, a space where you would take a rest (a bench), and a place to store your tools. Mind that lean-to greenhouses attach to one of the four walls of your greenhouse, but never choose the wall according to how your house will look once you attach the greenhouse to a particular wall. Always choose a wall most exposed to the sun. After all, you want your plants, fruit, and vegetables to have all the sunlight they need to provide the healthiest food for your family.

3. Freestanding greenhouse

This type of greenhouse is the biggest and requires the most garden space. You can add shelving, benches and house a whole family to them. Implement this type of greenhouse only if there’s a lot of free space in your garden.

As far as the design is concerned, it’s all up to you. When it comes to freestanding greenhouses, they are the ones that attract the most attention (more than small and lean-to greenhouses), which is why you should consider the implementation of a freestanding greenhouse as an architectural boost to your house.

A well-designed greenhouse will give your house and garden a unique, prestigious look, and you will house the best and most luxurious barbecues for your friends and family with an architecturally-beautiful greenhouse in your garden.

Points to consider other than the size of your greenhouse

If you’ve ever been interested in gardening, growing organic vegetables, and exotic housing plants, you must have implemented a greenhouse in your garden in the UK. Finding and purchasing a greenhouse in the UK is a costly investment, but the pay-off is far more significant in the long run.

Other than the size of the greenhouse, there are some other points to consider when implementing a greenhouse. When you finish determining the size, you should think about the best ventilation system (for freestanding greenhouses), the material and glazing, and the shape of the greenhouse. Let’s examine these three points one by one.

1. The ventilation system

The greenhouse’s ventilation system is essential for freestanding greenhouses, especially in the summer. For example, if your greenhouse is 8ft x 6ft, you will have to implement a roof, a side vent, and at least two hinged vents. You can manage the vent opener yourself, but purchasing an automatic vent opener is worth your investment.

2. The glazing and the material

Opt for aluminium greenhouses if you want the most low-maintenance and cheapest material. But if you want the most attractive greenhouse, purchase a greenhouse made from timber. Sure, it will require a bit more maintenance and is a bit more pricey, but it’s worth it. If you decide on a model made from wood, you will need glazing, which helps hold the heat inside the greenhouse.

3. The shape

The two primary and most common shapes for greenhouses are the octagonal and traditional ones. Of course, we may classify lean-to greenhouses into a separate shape, as they are customised to attach to a wall. With the traditional ones and the octagonal ones, it’s all up to you and your taste. When it comes to lean-to greenhouses, your choices are somewhat limited, as their shape is always designed in a way to attach to a wall, so that side will always be straight.

Final thoughts

We hope you found our advice useful. As you can see, the type of greenhouse you choose to install depends mainly on the size of your garden. Choose a bigger greenhouse and implement proper shelving to store all your flowers, tools, and a potting area if it’s spacious.

If your garden is somewhat-spacious or relatively small, choose a small greenhouse that can fit easily. Remember that greenhouses not only offer great gardening solutions but they boost the architectural appearance of your house, making it look unique, prestigious, and high-class. Good luck!


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Millie is a perfectionist with a passion for property and writing articles. You'll find her researching the latest housing trends and the newest up and coming areas worth investing in. Read more about Millie here.

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