Changing Back To Gas Boilers – Are People Admitting Defeat Already?

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Heat pumps are our saviours, according to many companies out there. Everyone knows they cost a fortune to buy but don’t cost anything to run. So it’s all good then, right?

Not quite. Recently boiler installation companies have seen people come crawling back to the natural gas boilers, begging for them back. Well not quite… More out of necessity than want but the fact that they are willing to fork out even more cash to remove these apparent godsends speaks volumes.

So, what about the worrying energy price cap increase?

Clearly rising gas prices aren’t even enough to keep people from replacing their gas boilers with another either.

Gas prices in the UK are rising and people are now looking for other options than the natural gas boiler to heat their homes. Many people could and would be convinced by an air source heat pump believing this is the most efficient way to keep your home warm, with no need for gas and low electricity consumption.

With a mix of thousands of pounds being offered to people for switching to an air source heat pump and standard headlines claiming that “these are the future”, the question now is: Have people made costly and huge mistakes?

Hydrogen to the rescue!

Boiler Central has seen an increase in heat pump to boiler conversion requests. Contrary to popular belief, people are now admitting that heat pumps don’t meet their needs. Despite investing money into them, hoping for the best, it now appears people haven’t been swayed.

Our latest example is a Scottish resident who wanted to have his Daikin heat pump removed and replaced with a hydrogen blend ready gas boiler. This was a difficult decision due to the high costs involved, but it was necessary. The air source heat pump could not produce the heat the customer required.

The summer of 2022 has been hot, hot, hot, and we may be in for a cold winter. Record low temperatures could really test our heating systems. Boiler Central advises that you prepare for the winter months in advance. It is not a good idea to be worrying about your heat pump’s ability to keep your family warm.

Increase in sales of hydrogen blend ready boilers

Climate change is having a significant impact on boiler sales. To offset the rising energy costs, people are upgrading their boilers to prepare for winter. Hydrogen blend-ready boilers are also the key as the government is discussing a mandate on pumping up to 20% hydrogen into the gas network.

Decisions decisions

Deciding between a boiler or heat pump is the equivalent of choosing hot or luke warm.

If you are unsure about whether to get a boiler or heat pump, we think that it is best you see the downsides to heat pumps, as you could result in paying twice as much, as you end up with a new boiler replacement anyway in the end…

Downsides to heat pumps

High up-front costs
Although heat pumps come with a high upfront cost, they also have long-term savings in energy bills. This can lead to lower carbon emissions. It is not easy to install heat pumps because of the need to research the heat movement, local geology and heating and cooling requirements for your household.

Questionable Sustainability
Some fluids used for heat transfer have a questionable sustainability, which can raise environmental concerns. It is therefore recommended that you use biodegradable fluids. Heat pumps are powered by electricity, so it is hard to make them carbon neutral. Heat pumps have a high Coefficient Of Performance (COP), which means that they are more efficient when the outside air is cooler.

Requires Significant Work
Installation of a heat pump can cause significant disruption to your home and garden. One example is that penetrations must be made through the building’s cladding. In Wales or Northern Ireland, special planning permissions may be required. However, in England or Scotland, it all depends on the location and size of your property.

Problems with Cold Weather
Heat pumps in cold regions can experience problems, which can eventually cause system damage. Therefore, heat pumps cannot achieve full efficiency in cold weather. There are options for an upgraded heat pump system to overcome this problem. Check the Seasonal Product Factor of your heat pump.

Boilers & heat pumps in the future

So, as you can see, amid the fact that boilers are far superior at heating, heat pumps just do not seem capable. If you are worried about the environment, if the Government decide to put 20% hydrogen into the gas supply, which is very likely, this will drastically decrease our carbon emissions. Don’t expect costs to go down though as hydrogen is currently expensive to harness.

Boilers on finance

Online boiler installers like Boiler Central can help you if your boiler fails and you don’t have enough money to replace it.

Boilers on finance with installation start at around £11/month at 9.9% interest. There are also plans with 0% APR for two years with no hidden fees so that you can spread out the cost without paying a penny extra than if you paid for your boiler outright on the day.

Boiler Central will have the perfect boiler for you . Your new boiler with be reliable, efficient, and affordable. It will also be hydrogen blend ready and help to keep your energy bills down.

What is the ECO Scheme?

This Government-backed initiative stands for the Energy Company Obligation scheme. It puts energy efficiency first, and aims to reduce fuel poverty and carbon emissions in Britain. The scheme was originally established in 2013. It is currently in its third iteration, ECO3, which will last until March 2022. ECO4 will follow. This fourth version is currently in consultation.

This article was written by Jamie Robinson. Jamie has worked in the home improvement industry for over 4 years and has finally settled in the boiler installation industry. Home heating is changing drastically and he wants to ensure that customers have the full picture on heating in the future whether that be hydrogen, heat pumps or mixture of both to ensure lower bills and to lower the nations carbon footprint.

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Millie is a perfectionist with a passion for property and writing articles. You'll find her researching the latest housing trends and the newest up and coming areas worth investing in. Read more about Millie here.

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