Voltex Power Saver Reviews: Should I Buy One?

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With one in four people in the UK estimated to not be able to afford their gas and electricity bills when the energy cap rises in October to £3,600, it is no wonder that people are looking for new ways to cut down their bills.

One such way is through the ‘Voltex Power Saver’, a plug-in device that is sold online that claims to reduce your energy bills by at least half. However, one quick look over the Voltex power saver reviews will tell a very different story to the one that you will see on their website.

So, what exactly is a Voltex Power Saver? Does the Voltex energy saver work? And what do the Voltex power saver reviews have to say about it?

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What is the Voltex Power Saver?

A Voltex energy saver is a plug-in device that claims to supply your home with a stable and smooth electrical current. This new and improved current will lead to an increase in efficiency and a reduction in dirty electricity by stopping the overconsumption of force, resulting in a reduced energy bill.

How Does The Voltex Power Saver Work?

The Voltex energy saver brags about its ease and convenience. The way that it works is by being plugged into the power outlet that is closest to your box and once the light flashes green you are good to go. The website claims to start saving you money as soon as it is plugged in. Maintenance-free, once you are plugged in you should have no hassle from your Voltex power saver.

How Does The Voltex Power Saver Save You Money?

According to the Voltex website, the Voltex power saver helps to half your energy bill in three crucial ways. These are:

  • Stabilising Power –The Voltex power saver supposedly combines ground breaking electricity stabilizing energy with power factor correction in order to help stabilise your home’s electric flow and increase efficiency. However, there is no evidence to back this up.
  • Reducing Dirty Electricity – Another way that the Voltex energy saver claims to help halve your bill is by reducing the dirty energy that travels through your wires. By doing this it supposedly helps to eliminate your exposure to the artificial electromagnetic radiation (EMF/EMR) that is generated by wireless devices. It is worth mentioning that despite numerous studies, there is no scientific evidence that EMF exposure is harmful.
  • Eliminates Harmful Spikes – The final way in which the Voltex energy saver claims to save you energy is by using advanced capacitors to eliminate harmful spikes in electricity that can damage both your appliances and electronics. It is also worth mentioning that the advanced capacitors that they refer to are a potential fire hazard. This is because it is not known if they are actually rated for connection across the AC line or if there would be a fire outbreak in the event of a lightning strike.

Are The Voltex Power Saver Reviews Right?

Depending on where you are reading the Voltex power saver reviews, you will either read incredibly glowing reviews of the Voltex energy saver or incredibly scathing ones. The Voltex website boasts of reduced energy bills, great offers, and regrets about not trying it sooner. Whilst there are certainly reduced prices on the Voltex website, that is the only part of the reviews that seem to be truthful.

The majority of the Voltex power saver reviews all seem to claim the same thing. One of the reviews from the website reads “OMG this thing saved my life this summer. I was sent on unpaid leave and I literally had to pick between watching TV and eating because I couldn’t afford both! And the best thing is, It’s green! My friends really hate me when I nag them on how important it is to limit power consumption, especially in the summer time, and now I can give them an easy recommendation that they won’t hate me over! Thanks, Voltex!”

However, there is no evidence of the Voltex energy saver working. There is nothing inside the Voltex energy saver that would lead to a reduced energy bill. Furthermore, if you look elsewhere for reviews on the Voltex power saver, you will be greeted with a very familiar story. 92% of the reviews are bad on Trustpilot all claiming that the Voltex power saver has not reduced any of their bills.

A lot of the reviews left on the company Trustpilot read similarly to this “I bought several of these units in october 21 and so far i’ve never seen any reduction in my consumption or any savings on my bills. I believe it is a total scam and have checked reviews of people opening the units and telling us it’s a total scam you save absolutely nothing. I called the company customer service for possible refund and they only respect up to three months on their warranty. Total money wasted! Stay away from this SCAM.”

With an overwhelming number of negative reviews on Trustpilot and only glowing reviews on the website, it is easy to see that the Voltex energy saver doesn’t appear to be all that it is cracked up to be.

Is the Voltex Power Saver a scam?

In short, the Voltex energy saver is without a doubt a scam. Even if you take the poor reviews and the baseless science out of the equation, everything about the company is a red flag. The company itself has changed names three times that we know of. Starting off as ‘Motex’ moving onto ‘Ecovoltex’ and now becoming simply ‘Voltex’, the company appears to change names every time people begin to get wise to the scam.

On top of this, the website features a photo of the company’s ‘three founders’ who were ‘photographed at a tech expo’. However, one quick reverse image search of the photos reveals it is a stock image from Shutterstock of three businessmen.

Not only does the product not work, but another way it tries to convince you to buy it through scare tactics. As if the promise of 90% of your energy bill was not enough, the Voltex energy saver will also protect you from EMF radiation.

But what is EMF radiation? EMF radiation is low-level radiation that is found in everyday household appliances such as microwaves. There is no evidence that these are harmful to you despite numerous studies done in the area.

The website also is always having a ‘sale’ on its products and a lot of the reviews on the website mention buying it whilst on sale. This is a common tactic used in scams, making you feel like you are getting the very best offer, whilst also putting pressure on you to buy right now, as the prices will not last forever. This gives you less time to actually think through the deal and leaves you much more susceptible to the scam.

Energy-saving scams like this are nothing new. As a rule of thumb, if a product seems too good to be true it usually is. Don’t let yourself be blinded by jargon, before making a purchase on any product it is important to search exactly what the product claims to do, if this is even possible and always search for reviews for the product from many different sources.

This covers everything you need to know about the Voltex power saver reviews. If you have any questions, queries, or insight into the matter, please feel free to get in touch!

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Alexandra is a junior content producer who enjoys writing articles and finding out more about the property market. Read more about Alexandra here.

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