Most Romantic Street Names In The UK Revealed

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Wondering which street in the UK will help you avoid *that* ex this Valentine’s day? We’ve got you covered!

February is here and that means only one thing, Valentine’s Day is here. And what better way to celebrate (besides with chocolate and flowers) is there than looking at the most romantic street names across the UK and what the astrological significance behind them is. Maybe you are finding it hard to get closure from *that* ex? Perhaps you are hoping for a ring in the near future? Or maybe you are simply looking for love? Then look no further as we take a deep dive into the most romantic street names across the UK and what they will mean for your love life!

As a company that works with streets, roads, and avenues day in and day out, UK cash buyer The Property Buying Company wanted to find out more about the meaning behind some of the most romantic street names in the UK. Teaming up with celebrity Astrologer Inbaal Honigman, they have found out the astrological and numerological influence these street names can have on you.

Looking for a quick answer? Check out the locations below!

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What Is The Science Behind It?

In the ancient art and science of Gematria, every Hebrew letter had a specific number up to 900. In modern numerology, we only use the numbers 1-9.

Therefore, A=1, B=2 and when we reach the 10th letter, J=1 again and so it continues. Once we’ve added up all the numbers, we take the sum amount, and add up all its digits again and again, eventually reaching one individual numeral, and that’s the word’s number, linking it with a planet, a colour, and an energy.

To calculate:

  • AJS=1
  • BKT=2
  • CLU=3
  • DMV=4
  • ENW=5
  • FOX=6
  • GPY=7
  • HQZ=8
  • IR=9

Example: DATE STREET = (4+1+2+5+1+2+9+5+5+2=36) 3+6=9

“Every Name Holds A Specific Energy…”

Property Expert, Millie Archer, explained to us why The Property Buying Company took on this mission. She told us “We use Rightmove, Zoopla, and Google Maps each and every day. Once we had discovered some of the most romantic street names in the UK, we decided to go one step further and discover whether these street names can influence our Valentine’s Day, our relationships, and our single life.”

She went on to tell us that “The UK’s most romantic street names are a reflection of the country’s rich history and cultural heritage, and they add to the charm and character of the local communities in which they are located. Can you meet the love of your life on one of these streets? Absolutely! Or if you are looking to manifest and absorb the energy and empowerment these street names bring you this year, to avoid that one ex you’ve desperately been keeping away from, or to bring you some self love, you can find the location for you this Valentine’s Day.”

Inbaal Honigman, Celebrity Astrologer, provided the readings for the street names. She informed us “Ever since Biblical times and even before, letters could be switched for numbers in writing, to reveal to us the numerological value of words and names. Every personal moniker, town name and even everyday words would have a numerical value, based on the letters within that word. Exchanging letters for numbers and comparing words which carry the same values, was called Gematria, widely practised in Kabbalah. Every name holds a specific energy, for example, there are names which are gentle, and those that are more upfront, and as we come up to Valentine’s, let’s not forget that there are also names that are romantic or passionate.” 

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So, Where Should I Go?

So, in the words of Elton John, are you are ready for love? If so you, you may want to consider a visit to one of these love-struck locations this Valentines day!


Valentine Road – 5

If you add up all of the letters in London’s Valentine Road you get the number 5, the same number as the Planet Mercury. Mercury, as the planet of communication, brings with it long, detailed conversations into the night, and endless curious text messages back and forth.

Residents of Valentine Road would likely be chatty and bubbly, always happy to stop for a natter, and bright and sunny towards strangers.

Meet your date on Valentine Road dressed in blue, the colour of the planet Mercury, to enhance the expressive energies it bestows on you. As Mercury is associated with Social Media and communication, make sure you broadcast your date to the world with a cute photo of the two of you deep in conversation.

If you are single this Valentine’s day, a walk down Valentine Road will see your phone light up with matches!.

Bleeding Heart Yard – 5

Should you total all the letters in London’s Bleeding Heart Yard you will end up with the number 5. Associated in numerology with dynamism and charisma, the residents of Bleeding Heart Yard will take the lead when it comes to romantic endeavours. Bleeding Heart Yard folk will be popular in romance, with more than one admirer at a time.

A date on Bleeding Heart Yard would be full of laughter and chat, and you’ll find you have lots in common with your intended. Find a late-night café because your conversations will last well into the night.

Date Street – 9

Whilst Date Street only has a total of 10 letters, its astrological number is 9, leaving it with the highest total available with this type of calculation. It is a number of fire, with a strong link to the planet Mars, which rules sex and war. A passionate affair is sure to start if you take your companion down Date Street on Valentine’s night.

With incandescent arguments that take no prisoners, and mad passion sessions that take forever, those living on Date Street itself enjoy thrilling love lives.

The planet Mars rules Tuesday within the days of the week, and since Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday in 2023, streets that add to the number 9 are doubly lucky in love.


Hug Bridge – 9

In the world of spirituality, there’s no such thing as coincidence, and Hug Bridge in Macclesfield has a name that contains 9 letters, and which also, completely by chance, adds up to the numerical value of 9.

The number 9 in numerology represents wisdom and rewards.A date on this road will bring a deep understanding between partners, and Valentine’s Day could be a turning point for a couple strolling here, perhaps even with a proposal on the cards.

If you’re on your own, come to Hug Bridge to be blessed with the 9 energies of growth and progress, so you’re motivated to pick future loves who are actually good for you.


Kissing Gate – 4

When you add the letters in Hull’s Kissing Gate you will find the number 4. Practical and stable, it is a number that represents security and the home. A house has four walls and four corners, so the number 4 allows for the safety of your own personal space without interruptions.

If you live on Kissing Gate, you are house-proud and neat. You have a specific schedule every week, so date night might not even fall on Valentine’s itself.

The energies of the number 4 would contribute to a powerful date on Valentine’s four those coupled up, discussing your finances and property portfolio and seeing whether your life goals match up with one another. Offering each other support is crucial under the watchful eye of the number 4.

If you’ve recently consciously uncoupled and are dying to be loved-up again, visit Kissing Gate to be imbued with its sturdy, honest vibes of security and comfort.


Cupids Chase – 9

The highest of the cardinal numbers – number 9 – is the figure at which we arrive when calculating the sum of all the letters in Essex’s Cupid’s Chase. When a number is this high, in numerology we see this as the end of a journey, we’ve reached our final destination.

Romantically, it means that the person in your life right now, is the person you’ll end up with. A wander through Cupids Chase with the object of your affection will see you both feeling closer than ever, and it makes for a wonderful Valentine’s evening.

Cupids Chase residents are living with the right person in their lives already, and have open and honest conversations with their partners. Communication is key in relationships.

And as for singles nearby who are looking for love – the number 9 is all about wisdom gained. Make sure you act wisely and don’t go back to that ex. If they weren’t good enough back then, they’re even worse for you now. Swipe left, swipe right, and find yourself, new love.


Lovelace Avenue – 8

The word Lovelace contains 8 letters, and the sum value of all the letters in the moniker ‘Lovelace Avenue’ in Solihull is also 8.

Linked with the planet Saturn, which governs wealth and achievement, residents of Lovelace Avenue residents are likely well-heeled and accomplished.

Powerful and results-oriented, the planet Saturn’s presence in your Valentine’s festivities means that you’ll favour a partner with the same ambition and drive as yourself, so you could be a stellar power couple. A gaggle of singles on an outing to Lovelace Avenue on Valentine’s, would meet both potential partners, and the lovely homes they could purchase together.

Stratford Upon Avon:

Kissing Tree Lane – 6

An adorable street name adds up to an intensely loving number with Kissing Tree Lane in Stratford upon Avon. Adding all the values of the letters together and reduce them to a single digit, we’re left with the total sum of 6, which is the number of the planet Venus.

Venus is the planet of love and the home, so an indoorsy Valentine’s Date is on the cards for you if you already live on Kissing Tree Lane.

Bring your date to any street that adds up to the number 6, to ensure a faithful future of domestic bliss. A Valentine’s Day visit to Kissing Tree Lane will envelop you both with Venusian energies of mutual care and respect.


Dear Love Gate – 7

Lucky number 7 is here for you, waiting at Dear Love Gate in Lincolnshire. Associated with the moon, Folk living on Dear Love Gate are used to being romantic all days of the year, but they might get romantic twice on Valentine’s. The Moon is linked with fantasies and daydreams, so even their dullest household tasks are whimsical and enticing.

Walk through Dear Love Gate as a couple of Valentine’s and you’ll get a sense of your joint future. The number 7 is seen as mystical and supernatural in many ancient cultures, so don’t ignore any intuitive inspiration you receive or any curious coincidences that happen that day.

Alone? Take a slow, dreamy wander through Dear Love Gate and visualise the face of your future Valentine.


Bride Street – 8

Not the soppiest, but certainly the sturdiest, the number 8 is the total value of all the letters in Liverpool’s Bride Street when reduced to a single digit.

In numerology, the number eight means wealth, and there is no stronger number to represent the unbreakable bonds of a powerful deal.

Residents of Bride Street have savings in the bank and a keen eye for detail and will be splashing out on only the loveliest bottle of bubbly on Valentine’s.

If you are single this Valentine’s day and looking to be part of a wealthy power couple, be sure to head down to Bride Street to gain wealth and health.

For a full write up of the romantic streets the UK has to offer and to find out more, check out The Property Buying Company!

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Alexandra is a junior content producer who enjoys writing articles and finding out more about the property market. Read more about Alexandra here.

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