Cash Offer On House: What Are The Benefits?

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When it comes to selling your home on the open market, the one thing that you cannot be guaranteed is a quick sale. Which if you are looking to relocate for a new job, or you are part of a property chain and time is of the essence, is not ideal.

But what is a cash offer on a house? What does it mean for your house sale? And what are the advantages?

In this blog post, we will be answering all these questions and more! If you are looking for a quick answer, check out our interactive menu below!

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What is a cash house buyer?

A cash buyer is a person or company who can afford to buy your property outright, without the need for a loan or mortgage first. Because they are not reliant on any sales or mortgages, they are able to purchase your property quickly and without the stress of selling your property on the open market.

In order to be classed as a genuine property cash buyer, you will need to have access to enough money to purchase the property outright, so if you are relying on the sale of your current property, then you are not a property cash buyer.

How do I know if someone is a genuine cash buyer?

If you decide that selling your house fast for cash is a route that you want to explore, it is important to make sure that the buyer you go through is genuine. Warning signs that a cash house-buying company may not be genuine are:

  • They gather your details to pass on to a separate company that can buy your house
  • In order to purchase your home they first need to refinance personal assets
  • They must borrow money from a third party in order to purchase your property
  • They cannot afford to purchase your property without applying for a loan or mortgage first

In order to be a genuine cash house buyers, the company would need to have the cash readily available to buy your home. If they do not, you will be facing delays once you have accepted their offer. When accepting a cash offer from a home buying company, you should always ask for proof of funds so you can be sure that they can cover their offer.

Whilst it is not a legal requirement, it is a good idea to check and see if your cash buyer of choice is a part of The Property Ombudsman or the National Association Of Property Buyers. These are two regulatory boards that prove to sellers that they operate legally and fairly, as well as providing an extra layer of security in the knowledge that if something where to go wrong, you would have an independent board to turn to for help.

What is a free cash offer on a house?

A cash offer is the amount that your property cash buyer is willing to pay in cash for your home. When you are looking at getting a cash offer, you will often be able to get several free cash offers by hopping around and approaching multiple different buyers. When getting a cash offer, you need to remember that it will not be a formal offer until the buyer has performed surveys of the property and has had a chance to confirm their original offer is correct.

Is the house sale process the same for cash buyers?

The selling process when you sell to a property buying company is fairly similar to selling on the property market, but with a few key differences. Rather than having to deal with estate agents and viewings, a cash buyer will usually provide you with a rough no-obligation cash offer for your house over the phone or through an online valuation form. If you are happy with the number, an agent will usually ring you, and find out a little more about the property and your circumstances, before sending around an agent to value your property in person to make sure the initial figure is correct.

Once you are happy with the amount being offered, the cash house buyer will then purchase your home and start the conveyancing process. Some companies will include this for free if you go through their conveyancers. From here you will sell in a timescale that suits you and once the purchase is complete, you will get the money straight into your bank.

Why do people sell through cash buying companies?

Whilst the biggest appeal of selling to a cash house buying company is the speed and ease that it provides, there are plenty of other reasons why people may find themselves selling through one. Common reasons for this can include:

  • Inheritance/Probate – Selling an inherited property or a property that is in probate can be a tricky situation, but by selling to a property cash buyer you will be able to release cash in the property swiftly and securely.
  • Divorce– If a couple is divorcing then they may prefer a cash sale in order to avoid the potential delays that mortgaged buyers may bring with them.
  • Repossession – Whilst this is a situation that nobody wants to find themselves in, the sad reality is that repossession is an issue faced by many homeowners every day. Selling through a sell house fast company can mean you will be able to release equity from your home before the bank repossess it.
  • Tenanted– If the owner selling the property is a landlord then they may list the property as cash buyers only. This is because selling with tenants in situ can often be a difficult process.
  • Selling At Auction – With a property auction, it is up to the buyer to complete the sale within the agreed time frame. As auction mortgages are incredibly slow, a cash buyer is sometimes the only way to keep the sale moving forward.
  • GazunderingIf the sellers have been gazundered and need the money quickly then a cash buyer may the perfect solution.
  • Broken Chain – As we have already discussed selling on the open market brings with its own troubles, with one of the biggest ones being chain collapses. When a chain collapses it can jeopardise everyone’s sale, cash property buyers are able to offer a way to get your house sale back on track.

Benefit of selling to a cash property buyer

There are plenty of many benefits of selling to a house buying service, besides wanting a fast and hassle-free sale. Below are some of the many advantages of selling their house for cash:

No Estate Agent Fees

When you sell a house through a traditional estate agent, you can expect to pay fees as high as 3% of your property’s value. On a £270,000 property, that’s a bill of more than £8,000 BEFORE the solicitor’s fees, mortgage repayments, and any home improvements you may need to make. When you sell with a cash house buyer, there are no estate agent fees, legal fees, or valuation fees to pay. You also won’t need to spend time and money-making home repairs and getting the property ready for viewings as most cash house buyers will buy any house in any condition.

Sell in your own timeline

When selling through a cash house buyer, one of the biggest advantages is that it gives you the option to sell in your own timeline. When selling your home on the open property market, there is no telling when you will find a buyer, it is a case of sitting and waiting until the right one comes along. However, when you sell through a cash sale company, they are able to buy as soon as you are ready. So whether you are looking to sell your property in as little as seven days or in three months, a cash buyer would be able to guarantee a property sale to suit you.


When you sell through a genuine cash house buyer, there is much more added security than with your average buyer on the open market. Whereas a regular buyer may change their mind about the property, or pull out of the sale due to mortgage reasons, a cash buyer will not. Once you have accepted their cash offer, you will be able to sell your property with no hassle and within a time frame that suits you.


A downside to selling on the open market is the stress that it can bring you. It is no secret that selling your home is one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through, between finding a buyer, arranging viewings, decluttering and tidying your home constantly, survey results, buyers pulling out and breaks in the property chain, there is barely time to breathe. When you sell through a cash home buyer you are guaranteed a sale, so you can bypass estate agents, viewings, and the other stresses that home selling brings.

Condition does not matter

Another main attraction to selling through a cash buyer is that the condition of the property does not matter. Many cash buyers will buy any house, in any location, in any condition. This means that if your property has become damaged due to fire or flooding or been left in a state of disrepair for many years, a cash buyer can help the sale progress forward.


Similar to the condition of a property, another benefit to selling through a property cash buyer is that they will not mind about the location of the property. On the open market, you would struggle to sell your home if fell under the following criteria:

  • Flood risks
  • Landfills or waste management sites
  • Subsidence risks
  • Previous industrial use
  • Previous waste management sites
  • Current or past presence of asbestos, solvents, arsenic, or gases
  • Landslip risks
  • Former petrol station sites

However, a cash buyer will buy the property regardless of these factors.

Disadvantages to selling your house for cash

However, there are also disadvantages to selling your house to a cash house buyer. Two of the biggest downsides to selling this way are:

Below market value

Whilst selling to a cash buyer provides sellers with a quick sale without the stress in a time that suits them, you will often find that this means settling for below market value for your property. Whilst this is not a problem for most sellers, it is something you will need to be aware if going into the sale.


Although it is rare, scams can still happen. That is why you need to be sure that you are selling to a reputable cash buyer. Ways you can check are through reading online reviews thoroughly, making sure they are a member of The Property Ombudsman or The National Association of House Buyers, and by checking for proof of funds before you commit to any offer.

That covers everything you need to know about cash offer on house, if you have any further questions, queries, or insight into the matter, please feel free to get in touch!

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Alexandra is a junior content producer who enjoys writing articles and finding out more about the property market. Read more about Alexandra here.

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Alexandra is a junior content producer who enjoys writing articles and finding out more about the property market. Read more about Alexandra here.

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