House Renovation

Is DIY house renovation a good idea?

According to data from Money,, in 2022 over 16.25 million homes went through some form of renovation. And, with the average three bedroom home renovation costing around £76,000, and the average UK annual salary standing at £32,000. Many people are wondering if DIY home renovations are the way forward. Currently, Read More ->

Property investors finding their next deal
Investing In Property

How UK investors can follow in the footsteps of Australia’s property market success

The UK’s property market is a complex and dynamic environment shaped by various factors, including economic trends, government policies, and social priorities. The market has seen significant growth and change in recent years, driven by population growth, urbanisation, and changing consumer preferences. Despite this growth, the UK property market faces Read More ->

Builders constructing a house extension UK
Advice & Tips

How to start a house extension UK

Embarking on a house extension UK, is a significant endeavour that holds the potential to transform your living space and enhance the value of your property. Yet, the journey from concept to completion can be daunting, filled with regulatory hurdles, design decisions and construction challenges. In this home extension guide, Read More ->