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Housing Market

Downsizers aren’t moving

People sometimes decide that it’s time to move to a smaller home if they are elderly and struggling with the upkeep of a larger home, or perhaps after their children have left for University. This is called downsizing, and means that they are less likely to need a mortgage for Read More ->

Buy To Let

Wondering where you should buy-to-let? Look no further

Every landlord wants to gain the most profit on their buy-to-let properties, especially now that the responsibilities of landords are increasing. TotallyMoney have analysed 500,000 properties across England, Scotland and Wales to find out the buy-to-let yield of each postcode. The best buy-to-let areas TotallyMoney ranked postcodes by percentage yield. Read More ->

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Housing Market

Will Inheritance Tax Get The Axe?

In this blog we cover what inheritance tax is, where it applies, and how you may be able to reduce its impact if it applies to you. What is Inheritance Tax? Inheritance tax can be applied when estate is transferred after the owner has passed away. The standard rate is Read More ->