5 Developments in Wandsworth that set to transform the area

South of the river sits proudly the borough of Wandsworth. For those who have seen, or didn’t realise, there has been some recent plans put in place to redevelop the area.

It can be hard to keep track of everything going on in Wandsworth. So here is q quick look into five of the new developments within the area.


Nine Elms

Nine Elms sits on the South Bank and extends as far as Vauxhall, Battersea, Lambeth Bridge and Chelsea Bridge.

Sat within this area is the Grade II power station. The power station was finally decommissioned in 1983 and has since sat quietly. Until now…

Plans were put in place to redevelop the Power Station, and the first flat was completed in the start of November this year. The Power station is set to be home to 253 luxury apartments and a brand-new headquarters for Apple.

From studio apartments through to studio flats, the power station has a range of properties. However, prices start at a crazy £850,000.

There is work being done on the Northern Line to allow it to stretch as far as Battersea by 2021. Wansdworth and Lambeth council believe this could create around 25,000 jobs for the area.

Within the development, it will also be home to some new bars and shops.


Alton Estate

In 2012, the consultations began for the regeneration of the estate. The plan for the estate on the edge of Richmond Park, was then approved in 2014.

The estate is already one of the largest within the UL and includes iconic modernist buildings.

The estate will see 1,103 new homes being constructed; meeting the borough’s criteria for housing needs.


Ram Brewery

Going further along the Thames river, you will find the regeneration of the old Ram Brewery. The brewery was officially opened in 1553 and brewed Young’s Special Bitter; but closed its doors at the start of 2006. However, they still brew in a small-scaled building.

The new development will be a combined residential ares of 713 homes as well as a retail quarter. Properties within the quarter start from around £580,000. Although, a four bed duplex home will put you back around £2.85 million.

On the other hand, this area of London is becoming popular due to the Backyard Cinema.


Winstanley and York Road Estate

The neighbourhood of Winstanley and York Road is currently in the middle of re-purposing the residential area.

The proposal looks at demolishing over 700 homes that were built after the war to for social-rent. Within the estate, there will be rebuilding 520 social rented properties, 1,400 new properties will be built with an additional 100 affordable homes.

The council are also wanting to improve the leisure facilities around the area such as the community centre and the library.


Wandsworth High Street

The high street in Wandsworth has seen congestion problems, especially with the one way system being implemented.

Construction work on the high street will start around the Summer time of 2021 and hopefully finished by the Autumn of 2023. This work has been postponed from 2014 due to issues with the Transport for London’s cash flow.

The redesign sets to reduce traffic making it free for local access, cyclists and buses.

Jess Mitchell

I started writing for PPO back in August 2019. I particularly enjoy writing about new housing developments and upcoming property events.

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I started writing for PPO back in August 2019. I particularly enjoy writing about new housing developments and upcoming property events.

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