Which is the most judgemental city when it comes to property?

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If you’re a proud home owner, you probably know what it’s like to see a friend’s home for the first time and either feel jealous, or triumphant if you think your home is better in terms of value, cleanliness, or size.

Sanctuary Bathrooms surveyed 2,000 people in the UK to discover what they would judge someone’s home on, if they’ve snooped around others’ homes, and if they’ve looked up the value of the house. They then ranked cities in the UK in terms of how judgemental they are about other people’s homes; below are the top 10.

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1. London

Over 30% of London residents have said that a house can be too clean, and over 1/5 do judge people on the appearance of their home. Over half confessed to looking up the price of a home, and just under 1/5 said they’ve wanted to know the price of a person they’re dating’s house so have looked it up.

2. Cardiff

Not far behind London, a massive 91% of those surveyed in Cardiff admitted they judge someone on how their home looks, and 64% had an opinion on how the home smells as well.

3. Glasgow

In Scotland, the resulting most judgemental city was Glasgow, where over 4/5 of people said they judge someone on the appearance of their home, with 64% also having opinions on the contents of the home.

Those in Glasgow voiced a few pet peeves to do with home interiors: 29% didn’t like pet hair and 32% didn’t like dirty dishes. 16% of those surveyed in Glasgow admitted to snooping in someone’s bathroom cabinets.

=4. Leeds

Fourth place was a tie, but we will cover Leeds first. 35% of those living in Leeds who took the survey said they would judge someone on the organisation of their home, with 31% having opinions on the decoration of the property.

This also works the other way around, 50% of Leeds residents admitted to being worried about other people’s opinions of their home, with 33% hiding some objects to avoid being judged.

= 4. Edinburgh

The second half of the 4th position is Edinburgh, also the second Scottish city in the top 10. 81% of those living in Edinburgh went as far as claiming that dirt or untidiness in someone’s house would make them think less of them. Out of the different rooms, 52% said that the kitchen is the most important to keep clean.

On top of this, 26% would judge someone for living in a ‘cheap’ neighbourhood, and 24% would have an opinion of the house itself looked cheap.

6. Birmingham

Birmingham residents are the second snoopiest in the UK; over 33% admitted to having a look around someone’s house. Want to know where they like to snoop best? 18% chose the fridge, 14% chose the kitchen cupboards, and 14% chose the bathroom cabinets.

=7. Sheffield

When it comes to home contents, Sheffield loves to have a judge. 11% of those in Sheffield thought it was enough to judge someone on their choice of tea, and 14% judged on DVDs, CDs, or books.

= 7. Bristol

Bristol, joint seventh with Sheffield, boasts 26% of people researching the price of neighbour’s homes, and 11% snooping in someone else’s wardrobe.

9. Newcastle

In turns out that people in Newcastle don’t like bad smells; 61% judge someone on the smell of their home. 32% judge on the decorations, and 23% judge on furniture. 35% also said they would have an opinion on the neighbourhood someone lived in.

10. Norwich

Ranking tenth overall, but third on judgement of appearance of someone’s home.

54% claimed their opinion of someone would drop if they had a messy kitchen, with 37% saying this about dirty dishes specifically. Most people in Norwich had chosen kitchen cupboards to have a good snoop around in.

Tali Marotta

I began writing for Property Press Online in October 2019. Particular areas of interest are housing market news and new developments in the market.

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About Tali 59 Articles
I began writing for Property Press Online in October 2019. Particular areas of interest are housing market news and new developments in the market.

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