New Data Reveals January Is The Best Month For A Quick Sale

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Brand-new data released by HomeOwners Alliance has revealed that January is the month for a speedy sale.

HomeOwners Alliance was initially set up to help consumers trying to direct their way through the property landscape. They specialise in writing advice columns to buyers, sellers, owners and everyone in between.

There new research has shown that January is the best time to list your home for a speedy sale. According to data, homes listed in January have sold faster than any other months.

The estate agent comparison tool, estateagent4me, allows customers insight into the length of period it could take to sell a residential property. In the last five years, houses listed in January have taken on average fifty-eight days to sell.

From 2015 onward, houses within the UK have been on the market an average of 51-62 days in January. Even though in 2019, January was a slow month to sell a property, it was the speediest month in the slow market. The average speed of a sale in 2019 ended at 69 days; this is high compared to the last four years where the average was 61 days.

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HomeOwners Alliance comments

When Property Reporter spoke with HomeOwners Alliance, Paula Higgins the Chief Executive commented on the data they’d produced. She spoke about how in January time, usually homeowners decide to leap into change now that their children are back at school and Christmas is behind them. Plus now that the General Election has put certainty back into the property industry, this has given others a push to sell.

How can you have a speedy house sale?

You may not already realise (or you may have already tried these tips) but there are ways you can increase the likelihood of selling your home. If you haven’t already, why don’t you follow some of our tips:

1. Make sure you price your house right

The price of any property is essential to enticing potential buyers into your home. If the price is high, you will struggle to get viewings, if the price is too low you may not receive how much your property is really worth.

To make sure that you don’t over or under sell, speak to your estate agent about a potential pricing strategy. A helpful resource you could also use to help you property sell is the Land Registry site. The website provides information on how much properties in your area have sold for.

2. Find a conveyancing solicitor as soon as possible

When you finally get your property onto the market, start to gather and compare quotes from different firms.

Once you have decided on the firm that will work best for you, start to get all the information prepared that you will be asked for.

3. Boost your property’s appeal

Boosting the appeal of your property, especially kerb appeal, is key to selling your home. Property Reporter discovered that 68% of buyers see kerb appeal as an important when purchasing a property.

Features always matter. But, the features that always matter are windows and the roof. Making sure these are both in good condition is crucial to a fast sell.

Jess Mitchell

I started writing for PPO back in August 2019. I particularly enjoy writing about new housing developments and upcoming property events.

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I started writing for PPO back in August 2019. I particularly enjoy writing about new housing developments and upcoming property events.

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